STIR Sampradaya Dance Creations (Lata Pada, Nandini Krishna),
Quadrasonic (Boris Castellanos, Alvaro Castellanos & Ulysses Castellanos)
and Faisal Anwar

Thursday March 19, 2009

Images from the event.

STIR is a performance culminating from a series of collaborative workshops featuring dance, music, video presented by the Blackwood Gallery at UTM. STIR is a multi-media dance/music/video presentation by Sampradaya Dance Creations in partnership with Toronto-based artist Faisal Anwar and the DJ collective Quadrasonic. The resulting mashup will be presented improvisationally and live. Mashups are a form of remixing, using varied sources of sound and video, both found and captured, combined in a dynamic way to produce a multi-visionary and multi-layered work. The participants in STIR arise from different cultural, creative, and professional backgrounds, which renders this mashup project especially pertinent.

Performance Images

Generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council, the Trillium Foundation and Artszone, part of U of T Celebration of the Arts.