I don't know what's right or wrong? Ken Lum

February 9 - September 30, 2005

Curated by Barbara Fischer


A new billboard installation by internationally recognized Vancouver artist Ken Lum. Continuing his explorations of the role of photography and language in the context of advertising culture, the new billboard is titled I dont know whats right or wrong? and is part of an ongoing series of works that specifically juxtapose portraiture (with particularly pronounced facial expressions) with captions that generate further ambiguity. The work is part of a new and ongoing series of works especially commissioned for an outdoor, illuminated lightbox first mounted by Bernie Miller in 2000 and donated to UTM by Dr. Jeanne Randolph. The series will function as an exhibition in time, critically examining the modes of address of contemporary advertising and public signage.

Every Fall the Blackwood Gallery commissions an artist to produce a work for the Bernie Miller Lightbox, a billboard sized (268.0 cm x 176.5 cm, 108" x 72") venue installed on the outside of the William Davis Building (formerly known as South Building) where the two wings of the building meet at the end of "Five Minute Walk". The commissioned work stays throughout the school year. In the summer, the Lightbox displays the original work by Bernie Miller, Five Minute Mirror (2001), which inaugurated the site.