2010 Art and Art History Graduating Students Exhibition

First Exhibition:
March 17 - 28, 2010

Second Exhibition:
March 31 – April 11, 2010

First Exhibition

Andrea Beiko, Kimberly Birch, Kyleigh Buryta, Serina Bruce, Nicola Correa, Andrea D'Onofrio, Mallory Hazlett, Catherine Jeon, Krista Keller, Joanabel Lasam, Edith Longuet-Allermeand, Matthieu Martin, Violeta Para De Moya, Johnson Ngo, Emily Read, Paola Savasta, Nicole Schlosser, John Spagnolo, Alysha Woolner, Jessica Vallentin and Jacqueline Venegas

Second Exhibition

Lilyan Aitkin, Khadija Amjad, Diane Beatty-Wearing, Jennifer Chan, Jacquie Cobb, Matthew Filipowich, Genevieve Gardiner, Nicole Green, Amanda Haller, Andrea Hitchman, Sarah Johnson, Steve Khan, Tracy Lewis, Natalie Merrifield, Shirley Mpagi, Jaimee Ogilvie, Sam Ouellette, Sharyl Spring, Sonia Trivedi, Angie Wang and Tracey Wilson

Exhibition Statement

Thrown Forth is the title of this year's exhibition of work by graduating students in the Art and Art History Program. This program was established in 1971 when Sheridan joined with the University of Toronto's Erindale College to create Canada's first collaborative fine art program between a college and a university. This year marks the 39th Anniversary of the UTM/Sheridan joint program.

The integration of theory and practice in the A&AH program allows students to develop an interdisciplinary approach to cultural production. In their artwork, the graduating students of the Art and Art History program question the conditions of cultural emergence through drawing, painting, performance, print, design, sculpture, photography and video. Thrown Forth demonstrates the instability and fervor of graduation as a collective dispersal of disjunctive aesthetics and affects. As these graduating students hurtle towards the professionalization of their practice, the limits of the contemporaneous and the redundant are played out in the work shown at this exhibition.


The Art and Art History Program, Sheridan/University of Toronto Mississauga

Graduates of the Art and Art History Program earn both a Diploma in Art and Art History from Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning and an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto Mississauga. The program is designed to provide students with a strong and diverse base of knowledge that prepares them for a broad spectrum of careers within the arts community and beyond. Alumni have pursued careers in teaching, both at the secondary and post-secondary level, while others go onto to earn their Masters in Studio Art or Art History.

For more information on the Art and Art History Program, contact John Armstrong, Program Coordinator at Sheridan, at 905 845-9430, extension 2580 or visit www.artandarthistory.ca

Student Leaders

A special thanks to the following students who taken on key leadership roles in producing this year's graduate exhibitions:

Installation Coordinators for Group: Jacqueline Venegas, Jessica Vallentin & Johnson Ngo
Strike Coordinators: Alysha Woolner, Natalie Merrifield & Sara Johnson
Reception Coordinators: Shirley Mpagi & Diane Beatty-Wearing
Gallery Coordinators: Paola Savasta & Nicole Schlosser
Web Communications Coordinator: Steve Kahn
Editor: Jen Chan
Designer: John Spagnolo

Special Event

Making a go of it: An Open Discussion on Careers in the Arts with Red Armstrong, Jen Hutton, and Christopher Régimbal

Sunday March 21st, 2 - 4pm

Answering your questions about: further education, showing as a professional artist, residencies and grants, writing and publishing, and the work environments of different types of cultural institutions, among other topics. Potluck brunch, bring your questions and snacks to share. Potluck brunch starts at 1:30 pm.

Red is a builder of things. His various roles frequently include: project management and production consultant, production technician, artist-assistant, and general problem solver. Red received a BFA from Concordia in 2000 and an MFA from Guelph in 2007.

Jen Hutton is a Toronto-based artist and writer. Over the past year, she has exhibited her work at Truck (Calgary), Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto at Mississauga, Access Gallery (Vancouver), Gallery Lambton (Sarnia), 401 Richmond and Harbourfront Centre (both Toronto). Her writing and critical reviews have appeared in C Magazine, Canadian Art, Magenta Magazine, and Artforum.com. She is a graduate of the University of Guelph's Studio Art program and currently sits on the board of directors at Mercer Union in Toronto.

Christopher Régimbal is an art historian and curator from Timmins, Ontario. He is Curatorial Assistant at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, University of Toronto and his criticism has appeared in Fuse Magazine and on 89.5FM CIUT.

First Exhibition
Second Exhibition