2017 Art and Art History Graduating Students Exhibitions

First Exhibition
March 15 - 25, 2017

Opening Reception:
Wednesday March 15, 5 - 7pm

Second Exhibition
March 29 - April 8, 2017

Opening Reception:
Wednesday March 29, 5 - 7pm

Anaheez Karbhari, INDIAN WOMAN (detail), 2017
First Exhibition

Monica Bujas
Denyca Decaen
Jennifer Donolo
Hilary Dow
Subin Ee
Rebecca Filman
Nikki McGill
Scarlett Leung
Mikaela Lima
Michaela Lucio
Daniella Persaud
Deanna Restivo
Jenna Robineau

Second Exhibition

Katelynne Cagliostro
John Campbell
Xi Chen
Jeanne Dubois
Manpreet Hayer
Chrysant Jonatan
Katarina Kaneff
Anaheez Karbhari
Dahyun Nam
Samantha Pufek
Jessika Reddy
Amrita Virdi
Nanxi Wang
Shuting Wu
Dana Zurkiyeh

Exhibition Statement

We are excited to announce the 2017 Art and Art History graduating exhibition, Verge, which presents a number of unique perspectives that question socially constructed boundaries. The word verge refers to a state of transition, and can simultaneously mean a border, an edge, or an approach to a boundary. The graduating artists in this exhibition are, likewise, transitioning into new opportunities and experiences, as well as fluctuating between cultural discourses that affect understandings of the self. Their works explore the boundaries experienced between endings and beginnings, the past and the future, the self and the other.

While each work in Verge varies in methodology and execution, they all demonstrate intricate and diverse perspectives. Some works appropriate popular culture or cyberculture to comment on issues of identity, while others critique assumptions about race, culture, sexuality, and gender through explorations of the gaze. Juxtaposing symbols of science and spirituality, the ready-made and the manipulated, the intentional and the implied, and the natural and the mechanical, these works challenge us to critically consider the world around us.
Each work within the exhibition shares an interest in the complex relationships that construct our experiences of existence, yet asserts the individuality of the artist. Concerned both with materiality and ideas, Verge attempts to reconcile the precarious tension we experience as we journey into the unfamiliar.


The Art and Art History Program
Students graduating from the Art and Art History program receive both an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto Mississauga and a Diploma in Art and Art History from Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. The program is designed to provide students with a strong and diverse base of knowledge that prepares them for a broad spectrum of careers within the arts community and beyond. Alumni have pursued careers in teaching, both at the primary, secondary and post-secondary levels, while others go on to earn their Masters in Studio Art or Art History.

For more information on the Art and Art History Program, contact John Armstrong, Program Coordinator at Sheridan, at 905 845-9430, extension 2580 or visit www.artandarthistory.ca

Student Leaders

A special thanks to the following students who have taken key leadership roles in producing this year's graduate exhibitions:

Installation Coordinators for Group #1: Denyca Decaen & Michaela Lucio
Installation Coordinators for Group #2: Xi Chen & Manpreet Hayer
Strike Coordinators: John Campbell & Amrita Virdi
Gallery Coordinators: Rebecca Filman
Editors: Hilary Dow & Deanna Destivo
Designer: Anaheez Karbhari