You Look the Other Way, Now Look Me in the Eyes

2019 Art and Art History Graduating Exhibition

You Look the Other Way
March 20–30, 2019

Opening Reception:
Wednesday March 20, 5–8pm

Now Look Me in the Eyes
April 3–13, 2019

Opening Reception:
Wednesday April 3, 5–8pm

You Look the
Other Way

Works by: Laura Colacci, Katherine Frank, Yeshi Gyalpo, Valerie Herrmann, Paige Julian,
Aniça Latchman, Jiarong (Kevin) Li, Ryan Manahan, Mira Szuberwood, Isabella Venditello,
Darren Wong

Curated by Studio Wednesday


Exhibition dates: March 20–30, 2019

Opening Reception: Wednesday March 20, 5–8pm
Blackwood Gallery, Kaneff Centre

Now Look Me
in the Eyes

Works by: Maryam Radwan, Melissa Passarelli, Anran Guo, Brittany Semplonius, Salwat Rana, Morgan Garside, Kamryn McFarlane, Jacquelyn Wood, Kristy Corcoran, Silvio Chu

Curated by 7C


Exhibition dates: April 3–13, 2019

Opening Reception: Wednesday April 3, 5–8pm
With a performance by Kamryn McFarlane
Blackwood Gallery, Kaneff Centre

Exhibition Statement

You Look the Other Way, Now Look Me in the Eyes is a two-part exhibition presenting works by students from the 2019 graduating class of the UTM and Sheridan College joint Art & Art History program, curated by FAH451: Curating Now. The 21 artists whose works are presented reflect on their personal identity, often in relation to larger social and political issues. Confronting the challenge of establishing a sense of self within or against a collective, the exhibition considers the different personal, political, and societal frameworks that impact the artists’ creation of their work, and structure how they relate to the world around them.

You Look the Other Way is the first of two exhibitions presenting the work of the 2019 Art & Art History graduates. The 11 artists presented in the first exhibition approach the theme of identity in a variety of ways. These include odes to their cultural histories, imagined spaces, and the struggles they face as they attempt to define themselves among or against societal norms and personal expectations. Presenting a wide array of media, including video projections, paintings, photography, and 3-dimensional works, the artists explore how to make visible a broad variety of experiences.

In the second half of the exhibition, Now Look Me in the Eyes, ten artists build upon the concept of identity explored in the first exhibition, positioning their identities as integral to the political stances they take. The artists' ways of interacting with these socio-political issues are influenced by their own personal frameworks for viewing and understanding the world. The included works address a diverse range of cross-disciplinary issues through printmaking, photography, sculpture, and sound performance. While the exhibition presents a selection of artists' individual stances, it is also concerned with the concept of collectivity and the ways personal identification can position us within a larger collective.


About the Curators
You Look the Other Way is curated by Studio Wednesday, a collaboration between Jasmine Canaviri,
Aniça Latchman, Isabella Varrasso, Charlotte Whitten, Tina Wang, Veronika Garbowska, and Lu Chen.

Now Look Me in the Eyes is curated by 7C, a collective comprised of Jessica Velasco, Alex Detwiler, Jasana Alleyne, Manroop Bhogal, Julie Nowakowski, Heather Zheng, and Sarah Pereux.

Both collectives are composed of curatorial students from FAH451: Curating Now, under the mentorship of Dr. Christine Shaw, Director/Curator of the Blackwood Gallery and Assistant Professor in the Department of Visual Studies.


This two-part exhibition is created in partial fulfillment of FAH451: Curating Now: Turning Concepts into Curatorial Projects. This course is a part of the Curatorial Studies Certificate Program in the Department of Visual Studies at the University of Toronto Mississauga. The exhibitions were developed with the support and guidance of Blackwood Gallery staff Alison Cooley (Assistant Curator), Michael DiRisio (Curatorial Assistant & Collections Archivist), and Sean Procyk (Installation Technician). 

Students graduating from the Art and Art History program receive both an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto Mississauga and a Diploma in Art and Art History from Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. The program is designed to provide students with a strong and diverse base of knowledge that prepares them for a broad spectrum of careers within the arts community and beyond. Alumni have pursued careers in teaching, both at the primary, secondary and post-secondary levels, while others go on to earn their Masters in Studio Art or Art History. For more information please visit


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